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A Scottish Ferry Tale by Nancy Volkers

24 Apr

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What Authors Are Saying

22 Apr

What authors are saying about Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours!

“If you are looking for someone to guide you through the blog tour process, I highly recommend Samantha Robey at ChickLitPlus.  Samantha will effectively take you by the hand and make the undertaking not only straight forward and approachable, but will share with you her enthusiasm and genuine delight in bringing your tour to life.  I am thankful that Samantha is in my corner and I wholeheartedly suggest you have her in yours, too.”  – Kathleen Kole, author of Breaking Even

Samantha has the connections, the professionalism and the enthusiasm to get your book in the hands of the right reviewers at a very reasonable price. In short, Chick Lit Plus is a Chick Lit author’s best friend! – Lucie Simone, author of Hollywood Ending

Breaking Even by Kathleen Kole

9 Apr

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