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Blow Me by Lennie Ross

21 Jun

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June Giveaway for Bloggers

8 Jun

I have six tours running in the month of June, so that means another prize for the wonderful bloggers that participate! If you post a review or host an author Q&A or guest post for Lucie Simone, Misa Rush, Kathleen Kole, Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar, Laurel Osterkamp, or Marika Christian, you will be automatically entered to win! If you do not want to be in the running, please email me and let me know. The winner will be chosen on June 30th.

In this thoroughly heartwarming novel, Elizabeth Bass-author of Miss You Most of All-creates an unforgettable story of friendship, compassion, and the extraordinary love that lies at the heart of every ordinary family.

When Grace Oliver leaves Portland for Austin, Texas, to help her father, Lou, recuperate from a car accident, she expects to stay just a few weeks. Since her mother’s divorce thirty years ago, Grace has hovered on the periphery of the Oliver family. But now she sees a chance to get closer to her half-brothers and the home she’s never forgotten.

But the Olivers are facing a crisis. Tests reveal that Lou, a retired college professor whose sharp tongue and tenderness Grace adores, is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Grace delays her departure to care for him, and is soon entwined in the complicated lives of her siblings-all squabbling over Lou’s future-and of the family next door…

Ray West and his three children are reeling from a recent tragedy, particularly sixteen-year-old Jordan, whose grief is heightened by guilt and anger. Amid the turmoil, Grace not only gives solace and support, but learns to receive it. And though she came to Austin to reconnect with her past, she is drawn by degrees into surprising new connections.

With wit, wisdom, and unfailing insight, Elizabeth Bass tells a story of loving and letting go, of heartache and hope, and of the joy that comes in finding a place we can truly call home.


The winner is Kari Anderson! Thank you to all the hard working bloggers who participated!

With Just One Click by Amanda Strong

7 Jun

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Family Pieces by Misa Rush

5 Jun

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Hollywood Ending by Lucie Simone

4 Jun

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