Future Tours

Check out these future tours!

Annie Bellet- A Heart in Sun and Shadows

Tour Dates: December 26-January 9



Lauren Clark- Stay Tuned

Tour Dates: January 2-20




Nancy Volkers- Scotland by Starlight

Tour Dates: January 16-February 6



Romi Moondi- Year of the Chick

Tour Dates: January 16-February 6



Daniella Brodsky- Princess of Park Avenue

Tour Dates: January 16- February 6



Heather Wardell- Blank Slate Kate

Tour Dates: January 23-27



Bethany Ramos- 5 Stages of Grief

Tour Dates: January 23- February 6



Natalie Aaron & Marla Schwartz- Unscripted

Tour Dates: January 9-30



Erik Atwell- Thank you For Flying Air Zoe

Tour Dates: January 30- February 20



Suzan Battah- Mad About the Boy

Tour Dates: February 13- March 5

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  1. Laurel Osterkamp author of Starring In The Movie Of My Life stops by « So Many Books, So Little Time, So Here's Mine - June 20, 2011

    […] of the book I just read answers several of my personal questions! How cool is that? As part of the CLP Tour for her novel Starring in the Movie of my Life, Laurel Osterkamp did just that! Here are her […]

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