Past Tours

Nancy Volkers- A Scottish Ferry Tale



Jessica Chambers- Voices on the Waves




Chantel Simmons- Love Struck




Lucie Simone- Hollywood Ending




Misa Rush- Family Pieces




Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar- Little Miss Teacher




Kathleen Kole- Breaking Even




Laurel Osterkamp- Starring in the Movie of My Life




Marika Christian- Phone Kitten




Lisa Becker– Click: An Online Love Story




Amanda Strong- With Just One Click




Elsie Love- Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom




Lennie Ross- Blow Me




Britney Bronte- Do Not Lick the Phones




Meredith Schorr- Just Friends With Benefits




Denise Grover Swank- Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes




JF Kristin- Rock Star’s Girl




Shannon Hart- Until the End of Forever




Lacy Camey- The Last Page




Heather Hummel- Whispers From the Heart




Anne McAneny- Our Eyes Met Over Cantaloupe




Amanda Strong- With Just One Click (Round 2)




Denise Grover Swank- Chosen




Kathleen Kole- Dollars to Donuts




Irene Woodbury- A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis




Monique Domovitch- Scorpio Rising

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